Submitting Projects

Reportage is dedicated to publishing some of the very best photojournalism and street photography from around the world. We are happy to consider any subject but the images must be strong and the story powerful. The editor has the final decision over the content of the site and we cannot guarantee that any submitted work will be published.

If you like the idea of being published on the reportage web site, send us a brief summary of your project along with some sample images and a biography of yourself.

Email these to submissions [@]

If we like the project and the images are strong enough then we will request more information. This usually means the full copy to accompany the images, typically somewhere between 500 and 1000 words, plus of course photographs, usually 8 – 16 per feature. These numbers are not set in stone, we will always be happy to consider more or even less if the project would be the better for it. The final images you send do not need to be hi resolution but they do need to be saved as large .jpgs, typically a minimum of 2048 pixels wide.

At the end of every year we hope to exhibit some of the best work featured on the reportage site in a specially selected collection.

Reportage is a non-profit, existing soley to promote the work of photographers, helping in whatever small way we can to get their images out to a wider audience.

We are unable to pay for any stories we run at the present time but are doing our best to raise funds in order to support the work of deserving photographers in the future.