In Gurus we Trust

by Marc Wattrelot

‘They were submerged by divine bliss and their union with the Lord emanated from quite their souls, transforming their gestures in those of Shri Krishna.’

‘In Gurus We Trust” was a story which started with a question. How can I understand India without approaching its mystic and its spirituality?

All the people that I met during my previous reports in India seemed to have a Guru. From the farmer in Orissa to the surgeon in Bangalore, all were at some point characterized as someone who dispels spiritual ignorance and were looking for spiritual illumination. I guess my French catholic background was disturbed by all this transcendental knowledge, but at the end the goal was to consider God as immanent and at the heart of everything.

Gurus serve as guides on the tortuous roads of the truth, and allow us to reveal more quickly the divine nature of every being. Gurus are the links between God and the people but obviously in India you prostrate to the one who introduces you to god. The importance of finding a guru who can impart transcendental knowledge is emphasized in Hinduism.

“The love is not a feeling, the love is in you”
said Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a powerful guru for the top class of the Indian society.

Gurus can be a master to three fellows or to several million. During the Amritanandamayi’s 40th birthday, a female guru, 400 000 Indians were in the main stadium of Trivandrum to celebrate this event.

This photographic adventure was a fascinating experience. I learned that it is the follower who makes the Gurus, and not the opposite.

Marc Wattrelot

Born in 1979, France and graduated from the Sorbonne University ans Sciences Po Toulouse where he studied Geography, Political Science and Journalism (1999-2005). He wrote an essay about the Indian colonization and geostrategic importance of Andaman Islands for India. Marc has been the recipient of the Paris-Match Young reporter award in 2003 and begins to be a freelance magazine photographer. He has works in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China. His works has appeared in Paris-Match, ChinePlus, Match du Monde, AFP, Figaro Magazine, Libération, Marie-Claire.

Marc has had exhibitions :

  • Gijon International festival of photojournalim / Spain (2009)
  • Revelation festival in Paris (2009)
  • Centro de Fotographia of Santa Cruz in Spain (2009)
  • Sorbonne University in Paris (2006)
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Chartres (2005)

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What’s in the bag?
Marc shoots with a Canon 5D MarkII with a couple of lenses including a 50mm, a 85mm and a 16-35 zoom and also uses a compact camera.

All images copyright © Marc Wattrelot