Delta Life

by Emeke Obanor

The “Oil” Niger Delta region is a region filled with history. It’s also a region filled with conflict.

Ages ago, small kingdoms and tribes fought over control of the slave and palm oil trade giving rise to the name “Oil Niger”. More recent inter-ethnic clashes have been about a different kind of oil, Crude oil. The consequences of crude oil exploration and exploitation have severed the inter-ethnic harmony and old grudges have resurfaced, with often deadly results.

In the midst of all these, life still goes on, growing up in the Niger-Delta means learning to live with and adapt to daily changes in relationships with friends and neighbours. However, children still find time to do what children all over the world do, simply play.

Emeke Obanor

Emeke Obanor is an enthusiastic young artist working in the medium of Photography and Photo-reportage. Emeke was born to be an artist. A native of Delta State, Nigeria, since early childhood Emeke showed a love for drawing and painting. He became well known for his creative and artistic abilities, with a talent for art and aesthetics, he chose a career in Theatre and the Arts, “intuitive” and “fresh” have been the words used to describe this exciting young artist.

Obanor doesn’t “create” his photographs. He just happens upon commonplace things displaying uncommon beauty, and he seems to feel in his bones their potential to become art. Education and experience have honed his skills and helped him gain greater insight to his medium

Based primarily in the Oil rich but crisis torn Niger Delta region of Nigeria, he uses intuition and feeling to capture the lives of ordinary people in the area.

What sets his work apart is knowledge of the subject, patience and the use of light. Emeke Obanor was the winner of “Unbreakable Nigerian Spirit” National competition organized by the African Artist Foundation. His works have been exhibited at various galleries and Art shows around Nigeria,West Africa and Europe.

Although versatile in various areas of photography, Emeke Obanor focuses more on Photo-reportage, which he uses to show the social, cultural and spiritual life in the Niger-Delta region.

Whats in the bag?
Emeke shoots Canon cameras and lenses.

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