Child Trafficking in Nepal

by James Morgan

Twelve thousand children are smuggled over the Nepal-India border ever year. This is the beginning of their journey into unimaginable forced labour in the sex, manufacturing and performing arts industries. This is a personal project shot off the back of a commission for an anti trafficking organization based in Kathmandu, without whom these images would not have been possible. I would also like to express my gratitude for the input of Gopal, Raju, Dilu and Shailaja all of whom are performing miracles out of dwindling funding and all of whom played a huge role in inspiring me to work positively and to see hope and beauty in the least obvious of places.

James Morgan

James Morgan is a young fine art documentary photographer. He graduated last year with a BA in social anthropology and is now studying an MA in photojournalism online whilst travelling the world completing commissioned assignments and working on personal projects. So far this year James has worked in Siberia, Mongolia, Japan, Indonesia, China, Bhutan and Nepal.

James merges a fine art aesthetic with a rigorously ethnographic methodology, stressing intimacy with his subject matter and working out of compassion, respect and understanding for the people and issues that he photographs. Central to James’ work is a belief in the power of atmosphere as a key factor in narrative, favouring the use of evocative imagery and audio recordings over more traditional linear approaches to story telling, James secretly harbours all sorts of far-fetched and ridiculous plans to revolutionise photojournalism by lifting documentary photography out of the pages of magazines and getting stories to the people who need to hear them through internet, street installations and live performances. James is actively looking for talented musicians, dancers, animators, visual artists, poets etc. to collaborate in very large and intricate performances that work towards this.

As well as photography, James is an accomplished writer and is competent in sound and music recording and production, seeing relentless innovation and effective experimentation as key to survival in this industry and in driving his own artistic progression. James has completed projects of various sizes on budgets of various sizes for clients all over the world and is always happy to discuss new proposals, best contact method is via his website.

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What’s in the bag?
A 35mm DLSR, a couple of fast primes, a handful of filters, a speedlight that rarely sees the light of day, far too many books and some very dirty clothes.

All images copyright © James Morgan