As the Condor Flies

by Kristian Leven

The population of South America is a composite of ancestries, ethnic groups, and races, making the region one of the most diverse in the world.

Almost twice the size of Europe, the continent takes in an enormous geographic and cultural diversity, combining a compelling intermingling of traditional indigenous and modern urban cultures. While five centuries of Spanish and Portuguese colonial rule have left their mark on South America’s language, religion and architecture, this European influence is essentially no more than a thin veneer masking the indigenous cultural traditions that stretch back long before the conquest.

This is an on-going series of photographs that explores this diversity, and delves into the daily lives of some of the continent’s inhabitants. From Argentina’s vibrant and sophisticated capital Buenos Aires, to the small communities of Peru where native life has changed little in the last four centuries, this is South America, as the condor flies.

Kristian Leven

Kristian Leven is a London-based freelance photographer, who specializes in documentary and travel photography. Kristian spends much time documenting society, cultures and activists, but above all, he is fascinated by people and loves to travel.

Kristian has won Travel awards with The Daily Telegraph and The Times, and has been recognized by The Guardian’s Camera Club for his ‘magical’ and ‘very affecting’ images. Whilst out shooting on the street, Kristian strives to create honest and truthful images; images that tell a story of that particular moment in time.

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