Funding Photography

Reportage exists to showcase the work of photographers all over the world.  These days outlets for these images are limited and revenues for photographers have dwinled over the last few years. Nevertheless the stories are still out there, and the photographers, very often working for nothing, are still out there capturing amazing images and telling important stories.

As a non-profit organisation we are unable to fund all these projects ourselves, but with a little help from a lot of people, together we can keep talented photographers in the field, bringing us captivating stories for years to come.

If like us, you believe in this, then give what you can using the donation form and together we can help photographers continue their great work.

Every time we reach our funding goal of £3000 we will distrubute funds to one or more deserving photographers, allowing them to dedicate much needed time to their chosen project. A new funding goal will then be set for more projects in the future.

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All donations, less payment processing fees, go directly to photographers.