Marc Wattrelot

Featured Work: In Gurus we Trust

Born in 1979, France and graduated from the Sorbonne University ans Sciences Po Toulouse where he studied Geography, Political Science and Journalism (1999-2005). He wrote an essay about the Indian colonization and geostrategic importance of Andaman Islands for India. Marc has been the recipient of the Paris-Match Young reporter award in 2003 and begins to be a freelance magazine photographer. He has works in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China. His works has appeared in Paris-Match, ChinePlus, Match du Monde, AFP, Figaro Magazine, Libération, Marie-Claire.

Marc has had exhibitions :

  • Gijon International festival of photojournalim / Spain (2009)
  • Revelation festival in Paris (2009)
  • Centro de Fotographia of Santa Cruz in Spain (2009)
  • Sorbonne University in Paris (2006)
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Chartres (2005)

You can see more of Marc’s work at

What’s in the bag?
Marc shoots with a Canon 5D MarkII with a couple of lenses including a 50mm, a 85mm and a 16-35 zoom and also uses a compact camera.