Guido Gazzilli

Featured Work: L’Aquila Earthquake

Guido Gazzilli was born in 1983 in Rome where he currently lives. He graduated at IED of Rome in 2006 and started travelling through Europe working on subcultures and the independent music scene.

He has been a freelance photographer since 2006 and has worked with several Italian magazines. During this time he has concentrated on documentary style stories focusing mainly on social issues. His pictures have been published in many magazines and websites such as: Ventiquattro Magazine, Foto8, Vice International, Rodeo, Fantom Editions, ITIWA, PIG mag, Rolling Stone, Celebrate Originality. In Italy he’s represented by 7minutes Agency.

He has also taken part in many group and solo exhibitions in Europe:

3.32 Reportage Atri Festival 2009
Luce Dentro, Love and Dissent, Rome 2009
RAM_09 Palladium, Rome 2009
This Is All I Came To Do, Jaguar Shoes, London, 2008
Ruhende Winkel, Vinesso, Frankfurt 2008
Down Click, Scuderie Rispoli, Rome 2007
Books: 2009 Reportage Atri Festival catalogue, Peliti Association

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What’s in the bag?
I usually shoot with a lot of different cameras, all of them with fixed lenses.

Leica MP with Summilux 35 asph 1.4 ( first love)
Contax T2 (i adore it)
Canon 5D MarkII with 35 EF USM 1.4 (superb quality)
Kodak tri-x films and Fuji Film for colour work.