Gaetano Belverde

Featured Work: Istanbul -The Orient Round The Corner

Gaetano Belverde is a photographer and journalist from Italy.

Although Gaetano’s passion and flair for photography is clear he is not a full time photographer. He also works as a researcher working in an high technology research centre and writes for several Italian newspapers and magazines. He loves telling the tales of the Island of Sicily, its people and traditions. Working as a scientist during the day, and spending most of his free time as a journalist for newspapers and magazines, which were the places where he discovered the world of photography.

Gaetano likes to keep his approach simple, he loves natural light but uses fill flash as required. Working slowly and developing a good rapport with his subjects he also likes to spend a lot of time speaking with people before taking any pictures. Generally working alone with minimal equipment and with a wide lens, he tried to go unnoticed and take the subject spontaneously (for street and reportage).

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What’s in the bag?
A Nikon D700 body camera with three nikon lens (20mm, 35-70, 85mm), an SB25 strobe flash (fill-in), and a reflector (portrait on available light). For studio sessions a Bowens strobe.